Donald Trump writes deranged open letter to CNBC hosts after they shoot him down

Now that Fox News has become incrementally more negative in its coverage of Donald Trump, it’s become clear that Trump has begun flipping over to other cable news outlets. He’s begun ranting obsessively about MSNBC for the first time. He was also clearly watching CNBC yesterday when he spontaneously called in to dispute something that an on-air guest had said about his tariffs.

CNBC, the stock market channel, is about as Republican-leaning as you can get. But the network isn’t going to pretend that Donald Trump’s tariffs are somehow an economically smart move, as most of its target audience knows better, regardless of political affiliation. Now that Trump has figured out that CNBC isn’t the pro-Trump propaganda outlet he was hoping, he’s tweeted out what can only be described as an open letter addressed to the network’s hosts by name. For reference, here’s the full text:

Maria, Dagan, Steve, Stuart V – When you are the big “piggy bank” that other countries have been ripping off for years (to a level that is not to be believed), Tariffs are a great negotiating tool, a great revenue producers and, most importantly, a powerful way to get Companies to come to the U.S.A and to get companies that have left us for other lands to come back home. We stupidly lost 30% of our auto business to Mexico. If the Tariffs went on at the higher level, they would all come back, and pass. But very happy with the deal I made If Mexico produces (which I think they will). Biggest part of deal with Mexico has not yet been revealed! China is similar, except they devalue currency and subsidize companies to lessen effect of 25% Tariff. So far, little effect to consumer. Companies will relocate to U.S.

Seeing as how he makes no actual mention of CNBC anywhere in Donald Trump’s rant, plenty of observers on Twitter were left confused, while others spotted that it was addressed to the likes of Maria Bartiromo and Stuart Varney. In any case, it’s clear that Trump was flipping the television dial all day, desperate to find anyone who’s willing to stick up for his disastrous tariffs, and publicly lashing out at those who aren’t willing to play along. It’s more clear than ever that Trump needs to go.

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