Closing the book on Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has used the word “vermin” repeatedly to describe his political enemies over the weekend, prompting many reporters to write about the comparisons to Hitler. They sounded shocked. How could Trump SAY these things? But we weren’t shocked, were we my friends?

We were not shocked because we know this man. We know him from top to bottom, and we know he is capable of anything. Trump has always worshiped dictators and always had a fascination with Hitler. So, no, this is no shock.

Trump is on his way through to losing his: money, freedom, place in history. It is the last one I’d like to talk about because there’s a point to be made here, and it’s a big one. One knows that Donald Trump always has hoped history would remember him well, that he’d be remembered as THE best President of the United States ever.

Instead, he will be remembered as the worst. When history books are opened, that is what people will take from his terrible days of crime and evil. Picture it with me because, although this is light years away, it will happen, and we know this.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of years from now, a child squints at the words in front of her and then raises her hand to ask the teacher: Did this man REALLY exist? And one knows that children are not afraid to speak up. Sometimes, they say things and question events in ways adults don’t.

“But how could he?” This question will be asked by thousands, indeed millions, about Donald Trump’s days of mayhem and terror. These children will read about how he handled COVID. They will read all about the unnecessary deaths from COVID.

They will read about weeping mothers whose children were torn from them. They will read about gun violence and how Trump did not do one thing to save children in schools, just like the schools these metaphorical children of the future will sit.

Books will be written about the traitor and they maybe in school libraries. The kids will read with horror about January 6, a day that will be long gone by the time these kids hear about it, but the horror they will feel will be much.

They will read about his trials. They will read about a monster who betrayed the world as he stole valuable and classified documents that were never his.

Perhaps they will go home on a cool winter’s night after a day at school, learning about what America once suffered through. Then, perhaps they will look at their parents and ask more questions. Of course, they will. Children are endless vessels of curiosity.

After they’re done, they will close the books on Donald Trump, a man they will be thankful they never met. And after these kids, there will come another group…and another…and another…and another.

Trump will never get the respect he craved. History will close the book on him, except for highlighting his evil and his sins. They will all hear it, the tale of the man who once tried to steal democracy, whose reputation will lie in ruins throughout history.

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