Rudy Giuliani gives away his true gameplan for taking Donald Trump over a cliff

Over the past two weeks we’ve watched Donald Trump’s new “attorney” Rudy Giuliani initially try to feed him to the lions by urging him to give an interview to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and then actually feed him to the lions by going on Fox News last night and admitting that Trump committed a number of felonies. Now Rudy is giving away his true gameplan when it comes to Trump.

When the news broke this afternoon that the Feds have been monitoring Michael Cohen’s phone calls, Giuliani told The Hill that he wants Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the Feds who are investigating Cohen. This kind of thing has no chance of going anywhere, as Sessions has consistently shown that he’s not willing to stick his neck out particularly far for Trump. But it’s precisely the kind of histrionic nonsense that impresses Trump.

So now we know how Giuliani is managing to convince Donald Trump to let him lead Trump’s criminal defense off a cliff. Even as Giuliani is doing one thing after another that’s causing Trump to get into deeper and more imminent legal jeopardy, he’s simultaneously saying the kinds of chest-beating things that are keeping Trump satisfied that this train wreck is somehow going in the right direction.

This calls even further into question whether Donald Trump is mentally and cognitively competent enough to even understand what’s happening. Every political pundit and first year law student can see that Rudy Giuliani, who has a legal background and understands how these things work, is purposely trying to sabotage what’s left of Trump’s presidency. The only one who can’t see it is Trump. Why is Rudy doing this? Ask him. But there’s no longer any question that he’s rope-a-doping Trump off a cliff.

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