All hell has broken loose and everything is as clear as mud

What exactly is going on tonight, and what can we really expect tomorrow? If anyone figures it out, let the rest of us know. There has been so much frantic, conniving, and plainly illegal activity today on the part of the Trump regime when it comes to the Mueller report, and so much confusion across the board, the only thing that’s clear is that we’re hours away from explosive territory – and there’s no turning back.

Take, for instance, the fact that Attorney General William Barr is holding a press conference tomorrow morning before he publicly releases his own strategically redacted version of the Mueller report. He’s obviously planning to put a pro-Trump spin on the report, and to pander to Trump himself, who will surely be tuning in – but what exactly is Barr hoping to distract us (or Trump) from? Just how ugly is the report, even with the redactions?

The clues may lie in the positioning. Today the New York Times reported that Barr’s DOJ and Trump’s White House have been meeting and discussing the Mueller report all along. This means that, if we had a functioning law and order system right now, Trump and Barr would both be going to prison for felony obstruction of justice. Then there’s the weird ABC News report about Trump’s other corrupt toady, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, having met with Barr today. And of course there’s the ongoing buzz that Rudy Giuliani is prepared to release a counter-report, presumably written in crayon, in the hope of distracting everyone from the worst of what’s in the redacted Mueller report.

This all appears to add up to the Mueller report being horrendous for Donald Trump, even with William Barr’s dishonest pro-Trump redactions. Otherwise there would be no need for the press conference, the positioning, the scrambling, or the criminal obstruction of justice that was committed today. If so, then Robert Mueller must have uncovered so much crime on Trump’s part, Barr feels like he has to release the moderately bad stuff, in the hope it’ll take the pressure off to release the very worst stuff.

Here’s all we know for sure. William Barr will hold his press conference tomorrow morning, and it’ll play out in some absurd but unpredictable fashion. Then tomorrow afternoon Barr will release whatever fraction of the Mueller report he thinks he can get away with, and the media, the public, and the House Democrats will all dig in to try to find the most relevant dirt. Donald Trump will declare victory, or attack Mueller for having exposed his crimes, or both. After that, your guess is as good as anyone else’s. All hell has broken loose and everything is as clear as mud tonight.

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