Clear and Present Danger

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Hello friends and readers. I have been doing some ruminating lately. This ruminating has to do with the Republican party. I think it’s fair to say that the GOP is no more. In its place, we have an awkward and toxic cult composed of bigots, emotionally stunted people, and rabid Maga.

And what they want for America can never be allowed to happen. We’ve seen this cult mock and go after Trans kids in just the past few months. We’ve seen wild accusations from them accusing Democrats of being pedophiles. We’ve seen the banning of books and attempts to overturn a woman’s right to choose. And this is just what we’ve SEEN.

What I mean by that is that all of the things described above are horrible. But if they are allowed to win — what else would they have in store for us?

Let’s be realistic here. I think things could become even worse, so much worse — if they ever attained power again.

Gay marriage is on their agenda., And with some very corrupt members of the Supreme Court, why wouldn’t it be? The GOP has shown they are more obsessed with what you do in your bedroom than with any policy that could help the American people.

Contraception. That will also be an issue the GOP comes at. Please do not ever be lulled into thinking, “that’s too much. They wouldn’t dare.”

Yes, they would. The GOP’s souls stand in another century — in the dark ages. There is nothing too outlandish for them to attempt.

So yes, contraception will come up. And let’s not forget Obama Care. And Social security. The GOP is the POP — the party of pain. I label them this because there is not one thing they would do that wouldn’t cause vast pain to the American people.

We must not ever underestimate them and what they’re capable of. All of the attacks on Critical Race Theory, Trans children are all smoke and mirrors. They want to scare suburban women enough, so that said women will vote them back in.

Then once installed in power, they can cheerfully go about yanking the rights of these very women away — one by one. Republicans are a danger, and this article is a red alert and a call to activism.

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