Chuck Schumer is sick of Donald Trump’s crap

What do you do if you’re in a ridiculous meeting with the pretend-President of the United States, and he slams his fist down on the desk before yelling “bye-bye” and storming out? If you’re Chuck Schumer, you leave that meeting with a whole lot of potential source material, to say the least.

Chuck Schumer started off by telling reporters about Donald Trump’s physical temper tantrum, just as Trump was confirming via tweet that he really did yell “bye-bye” at Schumer and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. At this point Mike Pence, Kevin McCarthy, and the other Republican liars who were in the room began publicly insisting that none of it happened. But Chuck was just getting warmed up.

After Donald Trump posted his idiotic “bye-bye” tweet, Schumer quoted it and added this message to Trump: “Stop throwing a temper tantrum and re-open the government. You’re hurting American workers and their families.”

This came even as Nancy Pelosi announced that Donald Trump “thinks maybe they could just ask their father for more money, but they can’t” – an obvious reference to the fact that Trump’s bumbling real estate career got its start when he scammed his own father out of hundreds of millions of dollars before blowing it and repeatedly going bankrupt.