Chuck Grassley gives away just how ugly it could get

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Chuck Grassley has made up an innovative, fresh, untrue, slimy, dishonest new rule that he says could prevent the Senate from confirming any Supreme Court nominee President Biden makes if they win back control.

“You go back to 1886, and ever since then when the Senate’s been of one party and the President’s been of another party, you didn’t confirm.”

I currently sit, awaiting Grassley’s nose to grow larger, dwarfing the whole state of Iowa. Of course, this is not true. In fact, it is a blatant lie that should not be surprising because who in their right mind thinks the GOP is capable of honesty? And this is yet another reason we cannot let the GOP seize power next year. We have to save the Supreme Court.

It is not only Grassley. I imagine many Republicans are huddled in little gaggles, whispering about what they can do should they win.

And it is not just the Supreme Court. I can guarantee one of the first things the GOP will do if they win (which they will not) is abolish the filibuster.

So many folks are seemingly puzzled when the GOP breaks its own rules. These folks say something like this: “But they said….”

It doesn’t matter! What the GOP says has about as much value as sewer water. Look at the actions, not the words.

Think back to how many republicans sternly came out against Trump — until he won the GOP nomination. The GOP does not care about what they say because what they say is a pile of garbage. I doubt some of them remember one lie from the other.

They say this, they say that. Nothing matters to them except power, their word is not good for anything, and they will lie to the public, each other, and themselves — to get and keep power. That is today’s Republican Party.

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