Chris Christie and Donald Trump deserve each other

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Fear is like a pulsating, noxious machine. Fear is not an emotion most like feeling. For Donald Trump, I imagine, it’s a particularly wrenching emotion. And yet, according to recent reports, this is precisely the emotion Trump is feeling these days.

I do not refer to the upcoming indictments. We all know Trump is terrified of those. But there is a person Trump is growing more and more panicky about. This person is about to enter the Presidential race. And like a windswept bridge, they stand ready to take on the oncoming political vehicles.

It is Chris Christie of New Jersey. The New Jersey Governor has a purpose, many say. And that purpose, say the whispers, is to destroy Donald Trump. Christie wants to give Donald his comeuppance. After all, Trump treated Christie terribly, mocking him and purposely not giving him a role in his administration.

And now Christie, many say, wants to get a little of his own back. Indeed, some wonder if taking down Trump is Christie’s main reason for getting into the race.

And Christie knows where all the trump bodies are buried. The two men were close for a long time. No doubt Trump never thought that the man he’d long since written off was shaping up to be his biggest political nemesis.

Unlike DeSantis and most other Republican candidates, Christie is unafraid of taking on Trump. And though Christie will never be President, he’d be doing this nation a service by utterly humiliating the traitor live on stage.

And that’s why people are saying Trump plans to do his damnedest to keep Christine off the debate stage. Trump is very much afraid of facing Christie on stage, many say. And for good reason!

Because Christie possibly wants to destroy him. And he’s quite skillful in the art of destruction, quite familiar with how to do that particular activity. And it is terrifying Donald Trump.

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