Donald Trump Jr takes it on the chin after skipping town

Now that his own father has incriminated him in a treasonous plot, and there’s no foreseeable way in which he doesn’t land in prison, Donald Trump Jr has decided to do the sensible thing by seriously hunkering down with his legal team. No, just kidding, he hopped a plane and skipped town instead. Because, really, the best way to fend off a lifelong prison sentence is to take a vacation in the mountains. Suffice it to say that Junior is now taking it on the chin.

Donald Trump posted a photo of a very small airplane along with the caption “Mountain time. See you in a week.” To be clear, he’s not going into hiding in the hope of avoiding capture, or anything along those lines. For that matter there is no reason to believe that he’s facing imminent indictment or arrest. That said, the specter of skipping town after being fingered in a treasonous plot wasn’t lost on observers.

One person on Twitter fired back with “Going out to the mountains this week, going up the river in a couple more.” Another respondent went in this direction: “Please don’t bother coming back, unless it’s to testify against your daddy, who just happily threw you under the bus.” Of course this comes after Trump Jr posted a blatantly doctored image displaying a fake poll number aimed at making his father look good, which he ended up deleting after being widely called out for it.

Although it won’t happen this week or next, we do expect Donald Trump Jr to be eventually indicted and arrested on various charges. His meeting with Russian government representatives was both an attempt at receiving stolen goods, and an attempt at receiving a foreign contribution of value on behalf of a campaign, which are both felonies. That’s before getting to the whole “conspiracy against the United States” part. Perhaps Junior is going on vacation while he still can, considering what he’s facing when he gets back.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report