After his immigration bill fails, Donald Trump goes on demented rant about Democrats running child smuggling rings

If Donald Trump’s decision to kidnap thousands of immigrant kids from their parents and lock them in cages really was a demented attempt at getting his border wall funded, that gambit has failed. Trump’s allies in the House crafted a bill which would fund his wall, but it was soundly rejected today, not even coming close to getting enough Republican votes to pass. So what did Trump do? He threw a tantrum that was dishonest and incoherent even by his standards.

Here’s what Trump had to say to the cameras today, while appearing sullen and defeated: “It’s a whole big con job. People are suffering because of the Democrats. So we’ve created, they’ve created, and they’ve let it happen, a massive child smuggling industry. It’s exactly what it’s become. Traffickers. You think about this. Human traffickers are making a fortune. It’s a disgrace.” To be clear, not a single word of what Trump said was accurate or true. For that matter, not a single word of what he said was coherent. Considering his penchant for projection, we’re worried this might be a sign that he’s running a child smuggling ring.

Trump bet everything he had left on the evil notion that he could hold these immigrant kids hostage and get a few legislative accomplishments in return. That backfired when the public outrage became so fierce, he had to sign an executive order yesterday that gave away his leverage in return for nothing. Now that his bill has predictably failed as a result, the whole thing is a humiliating – and very damaging – defeat for him.

So now we’ve got Donald Trump holding a pity party for himself in front of the cameras, while he makes up fake conspiracies so whacked out, no one can even figure out what he’s talking about. Meanwhile kids are still locked in cages, he’s still illegitimately occupying the White House, and there’s still plenty of work to be done when it comes to his ouster and imprisonment. But if there’s good news, it’s that public pressure is working; he’s losing, and he knows it.

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