Donald Trump is caving on this one already

Donald Trump and the Republicans love announcing their corrupt plans as if they were a statement of fact, set in stone, already happened, and nothing can be done to stop it. They’re hoping you’ll fall for it, give up, and not fight them on it. But when you push back at all, Trump and the GOP tend to cave rather quickly.

For instance, earlier today Palmer Report wrote this: “Team Trump is expecting bad press out of the convention, so it’s decided to simply ban the press. These kinds of leaks are usually trial balloons to see if they can get away with pulling it off. We’ll see how much pushback there is, and if Team Trump and the RNC end up having to cave. But this leak alone shows how worried they are about how ugly things might get with Trump being an increasingly unpopular nominee.”

Now that the media and the public are loudly pushing back against this, Trump’s RNC is suddenly insisting that no decision has been made. Not a big surprise. This is frequently how Donald Trump plays things. Of course we’ll first have to go through the step where they “cave” by partially backing down but don’t fully cave, and then additional pressure is required to get them to cave entirely. The bottom line, though, is that Trump is a paper tiger. All you have to do is push back against him to get results.

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