Looks like Jared Kushner is trying one last desperate cash grab before getting arrested

Back when Special Counsel Robert Mueller informed Paul Manafort that he was going to be indicted and arrested if he didn’t cut a plea deal, Manafort did something that stood out like a sore thumb. Manafort decided to try to score one last big payday by taking a gig for the Kurdish government which seemed to fit right in with the kinds of jobs that had gotten Manafort in legal trouble to begin with. It seems history may now be repeating itself when it comes to Jared Kushner.

We don’t know what, if anything, Mueller may have told Kushner behind closed doors in recent days. But based on the torrent of ugly and damning stories that are suddenly surfacing about Kushner’s bad habit of using his position in the White House to obtain personal loans for his failing business, it sure looks like Mueller is closing in on him.

Kushner has surely figured out that he’s a short time away from being indicted and arrested. But instead of trying to work out a plea deal, or huddling with his lawyers and working on a potential defense strategy, Kushner has run off to Mexico. He’s embarked on a nonsensical “diplomatic” mission which has him meeting with Mexican leaders while keeping the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico out of the room (link). Considering that Kushner has just been caught using a similar approach to obtain personal loans from nations like United Arab Emirates, this sends up red flags across the entire skyline.

It always seemed like Paul Manafort took that one last shady overseas gig in order to ensure he had enough cash on hand to pay for his high priced lawyers once he got arrested, and he figured that adding one more indiscretion to the pile wasn’t going to change his odds of going down for it all. It sure feels like Jared Kushner, upon realizing he’s next, decided to try for one last cash grab in Mexico before the handcuffs get slapped on. Is this just how these characters do things?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report