Now we know why Donald Trump is so obsessed with that “caravan”

Over the past month Donald Trump has become obsessed with a “caravan of people” that’s traveled from Honduras to Mexico. He’s tweeted about it no less than eight times, and he’s made this caravan sound like it was a greater threat to the United States than Al Qaeda and North Korea combined. It’s been bizarre to say the least, and has arguably been a clinical obsession. Now it all makes sense.

Based on Donald Trump’s questionable remarks about DACA, Palmer Report has long been asking whether or not Trump fully understood what DACA is. Now it turns out Trump has absolutely no idea what DACA is, even as he’s spent the past several months talking and tweeting about it obsessively. How can we be so sure? We just heard it from his own Chief of Staff John Kelly.

That’s right, according to NBC News, John Kelly has been saying things like this behind Trump’s back: “He doesn’t even understand what DACA is. He’s an idiot.” This is even worse than we thought. It’s not that Trump doesn’t fully grasp the complexities of DACA. It’s that he doesn’t even know what DACA is or does. It’s just a collection of capital letters to him. This explains a lot in general. But when it comes to Trump’s views on immigration, it explains everything.

There’s no doubt that John Kelly and others have tried repeatedly to explain to Donald Trump what DACA is. So now we have confirmation that Trump is paying no attention them, and he’s therefore not getting any of his information about immigration from his own policy advisers. He’s basing his immigration policy on a “caravan of people” south of the border because it’s a misleading story that Fox News has been milking for ratings this past month. Even if his own people are explaining the real story about the caravan to him, he’s surely been ignoring them.

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