Donald Trump, deep in panic mode, forced to cancel overseas trip

Just when you thought this week couldn’t get any worse for Donald Trump, it has. He was already in trouble for coming out against his own FISA and DACA policies, for referring to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries,” and for saying too many deranged and senile things to count, even as he tried to fend off accusations that he’s mentally unstable and stupid. Now things have gotten even worse.

Trump has spent nearly a year trying to figure out how to visit the United Kingdom. The trouble: he’s hated there more than just about anywhere else in the world. Parliament has held formal debates about whether to ban Trump from the country. This is stunning, considering that the UK is the closest ally the United States has. Trump has looked at visiting the UK in a low key manner, slipping under the radar in the hope of avoiding what would be historic protests. Now he’s being forced to cancel the visit altogether.

Trump was finally going to make that reduced visit to the UK next month. But now, according to respected British newspaper The Independent, the visit has been called off altogether (link). Trump is claiming that he canceled the visit. But based on his history of “canceling” things after the other side has blown him off, including the aborted Golden State Warriors visit to the White House last year, there’s a strong chance that the UK scuttled this visit and Trump is just trying to take the credit.

It turns out Donald Trump is going to send Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to the United Kingdom in his place. This is the same Rex Tillerson who famously said that Trump is a “f—ing idiot.” This is the same Rex Tillerson whom Trump keeps threatening to fire. This is how bad it’s gotten for Trump.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report