Donald Trump’s campaign is imploding in real time – and it’s a sight to see

It was clear something was very wrong two months ago when Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign pulled the plug on all TV ad spending, in the wake of Brad Parscale’s demotion. It was too late in the election cycle to be shutting down TV ads entirely, even if they were ill-conceived and underperforming. When the Trump campaign shut down its TV ads again this weekend, this time in the key swing state of Arizona, it meant something was very wrong. Now we know what.

Donald Trump’s campaign is broke. It was easy to see coming; it’s literally the only reason a campaign would stop running TV ads in the places where it desperately needs to be running TV ads. Moreover, Trump’s campaign is imploding, as everyone argues about where the money went. According to a startling New York Times expose, the Trump campaign is blaming Parscale for blowing through all the money in reckless and corrupt fashion. He’s insisting the campaign signed off on every dollar he blew – and he seems to be trying to throw RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel under the bus. It gets uglier.

The Trump 2020 campaign has also allegedly funneled a quarter billion dollars into a consulting firm, so the money could be handed out to people like Eric Trump’s wife and Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend. Campaign money is also being used to pay Donald Trump’s legal bills, and to buy the silence of people in Trump’s orbit. In other words, as we’ve all long suspected, the Trump clan has been stuffing the Trump campaign’s money into their own pockets.

What’s remarkable is that the Trump 2020 campaign is so greedily out of control, the people running it have gobbled up all the money for themselves, leaving insufficient funds left for the campaign to operate on. We all intuitively knew that Trump and his people were stealing from their own campaign. But it turns out they’ve stolen so much, they’ve crippled the campaign – and that may have cost Trump whatever chance he had at reelection. That’s ironic, considering Trump has to win in order to remain out of prison.

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