Trump cabinet members are now discussing invoking the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump

Vice President Mike Pence is the only person who can initiate the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump and forcibly remove him. But Pence would need the majority of the cabinet in order to succeed, and for that matter, he wouldn’t even try such a thing unless he knew he had a majority of the cabinet on board.

So it’s big news that CBS News is reporting this evening that an unspecified number of cabinet members are indeed discussing invoking the 25th Amendment. They reportedly haven’t yet taken it to Mike Pence. But what’s notable is that they have leaked to the media that they’re discussing the 25th. In so doing, they’re seemingly sending a signal to Pence and other cabinet members that they’re in favor of moving forward with it.


This comes even as Mike Pence has been rather curiously behaving today as if he already is President. For instance, the New York Times is reporting that after Donald Trump refused to sign off on the National Guard being sent to retake the U.S. Capitol Building from pro-Trump terrorists, Mike Pence signed off on it instead. Pence doesn’t have this power as VP, but it happened anyway, and Trump apparently lacked the ability or gumption to overrule him.

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