Donald Trump has crazed, pathetic, deranged meltdown during televised cabinet meeting

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You knew it was coming. You just didn’t know it would be this far over the top. Donald Trump made his first major televised appearance today since the one-two punch of the Mulvaney confession and the G7 Doral debacle, when he held a cabinet meeting just now. Trump’s performance was, well, almost indescribable.

At one point Donald Trump was randomly rambling about “artificial respiration” and that was probably one of the less absurd moments. Trump appeared to accuse Congressman Adam Schiff of being the whistleblower, or of being the whistleblower’s informant, while also appearing to suggest that President Obama wrote his book while he was still in office. What do any of these false accusations have to do with a cabinet meeting? Precisely.

There was a moment where Donald Trump blurted out “You people with this phony Emoluments Clause,” in an apparent attempt at convincing everyone that the Constitution doesn’t exist. Trump also said that “it was me who captured” ISIS, and considering his declining mental state, it’s unclear if he’s falsely claiming he was president while all of the ISIS prisoners were captured, or if he’s now convinced himself that he was personally out there capturing them on the battlefield.

The bottom line is that Donald Trump is losing what little grip he had left on reality and mental stability – and it’s slipping away from him fast. Trump is not up to the task of handling impeachment, nor is he capable of dealing with the criminal scandals that have him earmarked for prison. Trump’s behavior and condition will only grow worse going forward.

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