Sam Nunberg to Donald Trump: sorry buddy, you’re screwed

By his own admission, Sam Nunberg has a complicated relationship with Donald Trump. He was a close personal adviser to Trump for years, before they had a falling out in the early stages of the campaign. Nunberg went on to reveal some of Trump’s secrets; Trump sued him in response. During the course of his public meltdown on MSNBC last week, Nunberg still couldn’t seem to make up his mind whether he was with or against Trump, even as he said that he believed Trump was guilty in the Russia scandal. Now Nunberg has a new message for Trump.

By now you’ve probably heard that Nunberg went ahead and testified for Robert Mueller’s grand jury on Friday, after having spent the week vowing that he wouldn’t do it. Then, either to rub it in, or simply because he doesn’t know when to say no to an interview request, Nunberg appeared on MSNBC yet again on Sunday.

Sam Nunberg’s message for Trump during the on-air interview: “The president has to do an interview… I would highly suggest that he does.” Keep in mind that Nunberg was saying this shortly after he spent roughly six hours testifying before a Trump-Russia grand jury. In other words, Nunberg spilled his guts by ratting out everyone from Trump on down, and now he’s telling Trump that he’s screwed unless he gets in there and somehow manages to clean it up himself.

As we’ve previously explained, if Donald Trump does sit down for an interview with Robert Mueller, he’ll end up being even more screwed than he is right now. If Trump tells the truth in a narcissistic effort to win Mueller over, that’ll simply mean Trump will have confessed to his crimes. And if Trump’s penchant for pathological lying takes over instead, Mueller can nail him for the felony of lying to a federal investigator.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report