Donald Trump is broke, depressed and afraid of going to prison

It’s a long stretch to January 20th, 2021. Clearly Trump is planning on not conceding even though his Pennsylvania law firm has now withdrawn, along with the Arizona firm hired to litigated alleged voter fraud. While things look bad for Trump, White House trade advisor, Peter Navarro, said they are going forward as if Trump won the election. Okay.

The Trump administration has always acted within a bubble. Their gaslighting is a feature, not a bug. But never forget the true oddity which is that tens of millions of people voted for Trump. They voted to keep him in office in spite of his fascism and cronyism. That his obvious corruption is fine with them, all the while they scream how much they love the Constitution, is the biggest oddity of all.
All that is water under the bridge now. Biden is the next President. He’s already putting together a COVID plan. We must focus on taking the Senate so that Biden will have the power to enact the changes his administration needs to work on.

In the meantime, the bubble gets bigger and more fragile. We have Kayleigh McEnany declaring Trump will attend the inauguration because it will be his inauguration. The Trumps are begging for donations in order to fight the “rigged” election, all the while using these funds to pay their other bills. Trump is broke, depressed and afraid of going to jail. He has reason to be. Let him enjoy these lame duck days. His life is only going to get worse. As we’ve said from the beginning, you can stiff your contractors, you can get in bed with hostile foreign powers, you can bankrupt a casino, grift off of a fake university and even rip off a kid’s cancer charity without paying the cost of this criminal activity if you have enough money and lawyers. But you cannot win against the US government.

Trump took America on when he accepted the Presidency. His crimes will not go unnoticed and unpunished by We The People. It’s a good thing orange is his favorite color.

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