Something about Trump-Russia has suddenly spooked the Brexit leaders into resigning

As time has gone on, it’s gradually become clear that the Trump-Russia scandal in the United States and the Brexit scandal in Great Britain are the same scandal. The Kremlin used similar methods, and even some of the same henchmen, to rig the illegitimate election of Donald Trump and the illegitimate Brexit vote. Now something has spooked the leaders of the Brexit movement into resigning from the British government.

First came the abrupt resignation of “Brexit Secretary” David Davis, the guy who had been put in charge of carrying out Great Britain’s secession from the European Union. This on its own didn’t necessarily tell us anything; for all anyone knew, he could have been running away from some personal scandal. But then came the resignation of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who was one of the key leaders of the Brexit movement to begin with. Johnson is claiming he quit because he didn’t like how Prime Minister Theresa May was approaching Brexit, but there’s more to this.

Politicians like Boris Johnson and David Davis bet everything on making Brexit happen. And while the Brexit progression may not be playing out precisely to their liking, the reality is that they’ve been getting their way. There is simply no way that they’d cut and run over a mere disagreement over some details about how their victory will be handed to them. These guys are running away from something, and they’re doing it quickly.

The catch is that, whatever Johnson and Davis know, we don’t yet know what it is. But they’ve rather clearly learned that the Trump-Russia-Brexit scandal is about to cave in on them. Whatever it is, they decided they needed to hurry up and get out of the government entirely before it becomes public.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report