Eight years ago, Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama of trying to start a war with Iran to get reelected. No, only Republicans do that. Had President Obama wanted to start a war, he would have at least had the decency to consult with Congress. The wanna-be dictator Trump can’t be bothered with such protocol. He does whatever he pleases whenever he pleases, with no thought about us, let alone Congress. He has no idea what is going to happen as a result of his missile strike, nor does he care.

If anything, Trump did this to distract from the release of unredacted emails clearly outlining the criminality of his withholding of military aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into Joe Biden. According to Politico, Trump “vehemently defended” his missile strike, but no one is missing the fact that this has occurred less than a year prior to the 2020 election. He is so transparent. Politico laid out dozens of tweets from Trump accusing President Obama of trying to coordinate an attack on Iran for purposes of winning his second term. As history shows, Obama didn’t need the attack; Trump does.

He further accused President Obama of an inability to negotiate, which is almost a joke, as no one has been a worse negotiator than Mr. “Art of the Deal” himself. Even after President Obama was reelected, Trump continued his barrage of attacks. Trump is one sick puppy, and everyone knows it. According to Business Insider, our allies have been vocal that they don’t support Trump’s strike on Iran.

The UK has been blunt: “conflict with Iran is in none of our interests,” and BI believes that the attack will risk relations between our countries. Tom Tugendhat told the BBC that “the purpose of having allies is that we can surprise our enemies and not each other.” Please. Trump couldn’t even be bothered to confer with Congress, let alone advise allies of his “shoot from the hip” plan. Tugendhat went on to say that “it’s been a pattern, sadly, which has been a bit of a shame, that the US administration of late has not shared with us and that is a matter of concern.” At the rate Trump is going, the U.S. will have no allies. If he thinks Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un are good allies, he’s even dumber than we think.

France and other European countries are also dismayed by Trump’s unilateral actions. All of these countries invested efforts in the Iranian nuclear deal, from which Trump withdrew the U.S. in 2018 as reported by BI. Amélie de Montchalin, speaking with French radio, stated “What is happening is what we feared: Tensions between the United States and Iran are increasing.” While Germany believes that Iran is to blame, its spokesperson asked that we “step away” from any “dangerous escalation.” Of course, Israel is the only country backing Trump. Given its crook-in-chief Netanyahu, that is no surprise. Now, we wait.
Iran has promised “forceful revenge” against the U.S. According to BI, this could take the form of cyber warfare, and experts warn that any such attacks could be “devastating” to the U.S. Now is the time to pray if you’re a praying person. Trump has started something that promises not to end here.