Blood on his hands

With the “President” of the United States entertaining Kanye West in the Oval Office, embarrassing the nation once again, it is essential to look at what is going on around us. These are some issues that Donald Trump simply does not care about. We do not have to look any further than the ongoing issues of children still living in cages, or the events of the week, to find issues that should be of primary concern to the leader of the free world.

As voters, which we had all better be by now, we have to ask why. Northern Florida was torn apart by Hurricane Michael. The destruction consisted of far, far more than a few broken windows or downed trees. Where is the President or the First Lady? Hospitals are devastated. Where is our President? Hurricane Michael is not done. Five have already died as a result, in Virginia, now eleven deaths in total.

A writer for the Washington Post was (in all likelihood) murdered inside the Saudi Consulate in Turkey. Turkey has video and audio proof of the torture, murder and ultimate dismemberment. With a veiled angry tone, dishonestly playing up the financial benefit from Saudi deals, the Trump will simply not condemn Saudi Arabia, or provide any comforting words to the fiancé of the slaughtered green card holding journalist. The world can no longer look to the United States as a moral example. Our foreign policy and moral determinations are governed by Trump’s wallet.

We fight with Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany over trade, while we praise the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea. We should all be shocked and offended that the President of the United States was likely made aware of the murder plot in nearly real time by the U.S. intel community. Once again, it is reasonable to say that Trump has blood on his hands.