Donald Trump’s “Christian” supporters are committing blasphemy

As I sit here and write about politics the day after Easter, I’m reminded of so many disparate aspects between the current administration and the teachings of all major religions. While Donald Trump’s administration and his entire documented life are full of lies and blasphemy, for whatever reason his current followers continue to stand beside him and not break from their so-called Christian beliefs. While there are some non-Christians who support Trump, a vast majority of those who continue to follow him, regardless of his blatant disregard for the rule of law or the rule of God, claim to be devout Christians.

While Trump continues to brag that his approval ratings among Republicans is consistently high (while failing to mention that the number of people identifying as Republicans is at a generation low), he neglects the fact that many among his original base – those who supported him during the 2016 election – are falling.

While it’s impossible to determine exactly which of Trump’s actions turned some against him, it’s safe to assume some of those have to do with his life-long actions that go against the teachings of most religions. I’m not aware of any common religions that support cheating on your third wife (while she’s pregnant) with a porn star.

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, the only group of religious individuals who have an approval rating over 50% for Donald Trump are white evangelical Protestants. When we include other groups (white mainline Protestants at 48%, black Protestants at 12%, Catholics at 36%, nonwhite Catholics at 26%, and Religiously unaffiliated at 20%), it’s safe to say that Trump’s life of debauchery and lies are not appreciated or looked up to by most American voters. While Trump can continue to spew lies about his approval, the facts tell a different story.

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