Turns out Donald Trump blackmailed Kelly Loeffler

Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler announced that she would support the attempt at overthrowing the certification of the election. But then after she lost reelection, and Donald Trump incited a terrorist attack, Loeffler changed her mind and announced from the Senate floor that she would not oppose certification.

Now it turns out Trump blackmailed Loeffler into opposing certification to begin with, by threatening to go on stage and “do a number on her” to make sure she wasn’t reelected, according to Politico. This explains why Loeffler came out in opposition to certification. But then after she lost reelection anyway, she dropped her opposition.

This may not be the illegal kind of blackmail, but it’s certainly blackmail. This comes amid reports that while the terrorist siege was going on, Trump began calling Republican Senators on the phone in an attempt at getting them to delay certification, even as he was refusing to sign off on sending in the National Guard to save them. This actually is the illegal kind of blackmail.

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