Something’s up with Bill Barr right now

– Bill Barr has vanished since the White House super spreader event, his schemes to help Trump are all falling through, Trump keeps attacking him, and yet Barr remains in hiding. In fact the last we heard out of Barr was when he suddenly went into quarantine, several days after he learned he’d been exposed to coronavirus. Is he sick? Is he just hiding? Something is up.

– “Maybe it was just the dexamethasone talking” – Pete Buttigieg just destroyed Donald Trump on the Joy Reid show this evening. This comes after Mayor Pete spent the week killing it during Fox News appearances. It’s a reminder that Buttigieg is a rising star in American politics.


– Tweet of the day, from Wanda Sykes: “Trump bails on the Town Hall debate with Biden because he didn’t want another ass whupping so NBC decides to air a special episode of, “The Apprentice.” ? Nah. I’m BLACKING OUT NBC and MSNBC today! This does not support democracy, this supports a sideshow.”

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