After Jeffrey Epstein’s death, Bill Barr would like to have this recent quote back

Yesterday, Donald Trump’s old friend Jeffrey Epstein died of an “apparent suicide” while in the custody of Bill Barr’s Department of Justice. That’s a bad look all around, considering how many dirty Trump secrets Epstein must have known, and how far Barr has shown he’s willing to go to protect Trump from his criminal scandals.

You know what would be an even worse look? Imagine if, just a few days before Epstein’s death, Bill Barr openly sang the praises of vigilante justice. But that would be too crazy to have happened right? Actually, as it turns out, it did happen.

On Thursday, Talking Points Memo flagged a quote that Bill Barr gave during an interview with the Crime Story podcast. In it, Barr sang the praises of the Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood vigilante films – specifically citing a scene where Dirty Harry “shoots him in the leg or something and the guy tells him where it is.”

To be clear, the conversation was about public criticism of how police officers do their jobs. And no matter what the context was, the quote doesn’t mean Bill Barr had Jeffrey Epstein murdered. But when you’ve got the Attorney General of the United States openly praising vigilante justice, right before a suspect in his custody suspiciously commits suicide in a way that just happens to be convenient for Donald Trump, that’s a bad look.

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