Bill Barr is throwing things at the wall

Even though the media keeps inexplicably hyping him as an immortal villain with a magic wand who can accomplish any evil thing he wants to, the reality is that Bill Barr strikes out most of the time. For instance, he tried and failed to intervene in the Flynn, Stone, Cohen, Lev, Igor, and Bannon cases. Now Barr’s Durham stunt has apparently failed as well.

This has left Bill Barr in the position of having to throw something at the wall, if only to convince Donald Trump that he still has some kind of secret evil genius plan up his sleeve. But instead of rolling out one concrete con game, Barr is rolling out all kinds of piddly nonsense at once. Take a look at this fascinating list assembled by Politico’s Kyle Cheney:

In the last 36 hours, DOJ has:

-Declassified a doc GOP lawmakers sought about the Steele Dossier
-Provided internal FBI messages to Flynn legal team
-Released an interview with one of the Flynn case agents
-Released questionable evidence of ballot irregularities in Pa.


To be clear, none of these things are anything. None of them will have any impact on the election. They’re all just smoke and mirrors. The fact that Barr is throwing so many “nothings” at the wall at once is a sign that even he knows none of this is going anywhere. Bill Barr has reached the point of desperation.

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