Bill Barr is completely off the rails

Bill Barr’s revolting interview on CNN is the symptom of what ails us. His kind of transactional morality is what fuels the Republican Party and Trump. Anything is conscionable as long as it produces the desired result. Separating babies from their mothers and locking children in cages is “only” to warn undesirable brown people to not come here. See how easy that was? The Republican personal responsibility spin comes in when you blame the refuge-seeking immigrant mother for coming here and endangering her children in the first place.

Now Bill Barr is doing the same thing for Trump. His “Christian” values are completely transactional as long as the desired result can be achieved. By arguing that mail-in voting is fraught with potential voter fraud, he’s scaring thousands of Americans into standing in line in order to cast their votes in person. Since older voters are the ones who consistently show up to vote, he’s saying it’s okay to view them as expendable as long as Trump can announce a win. He also added the confusing spin once again that people can vote absentee which is, of course, virtually identical to voting by mail.

Everything this man says is a lie. But he’s okay with it as long as he sees his “Christian” values upheld at the end. Does Bill Barr understand one of the commandments is Thou Shalt Not Kill? Of course, he does. It’s just that in his mind, the greater good is that Trump will get another four more years and they’ll all stay out of prison in order to inflict more outrage on the American people. That’s how this works. So vote them out in November. The entire lot of them.

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