Bill Barr has a whole new problem

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham hit the Sunday morning talk show circuit yesterday and revealed an apparent ongoing pipeline from Rudy Giuliani to Attorney General Bill Barr. This is disconcerting, and it’s led a number of Resistance members to worry about what it means. But they’re probably not the people who should be worried about this.

Bill Barr is, by far, Donald Trump’s most effective remaining henchman. But even Barr has been on a losing streak since initially besting Robert Mueller. Trump bet big on the DOJ Inspector General report, but Barr couldn’t twist it to say what Trump wanted it to say. Nor could Barr stop the series of events that led to Lev Parnas going on television and exposing Trump’s crimes. Barr’s batting average keeps dropping, and that’s when people like him start resorting to desperate means to try to get back in the game.

Rudy Giuliani keeps digging up “dirt” on Trump’s adversaries that’s such embarrassing gibberish, even the Republican Senate wasn’t willing to call Rudy to testify in Trump’s defense during the impeachment trial. But now Bill Barr is going to rely on Rudy’s gibberish? That’s not going to get him anywhere. In fact, when Trump decided to take Rudy’s drooling nonsense seriously, it backfired on him so badly, it got him impeached.

This is before getting to the part where the loudest Trump-Barr cheerleader, Lindsey Graham, is so bad at cheerleading that he just outed the secret pipeline on live national television. This has predictably prompted the House to announce an investigation today into Barr’s conversation with Rudy. Barr will try to stonewall the House. But at the least, this will keep Barr playing defense at a time when he’s trying to play offense.

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