Looks like Bill Barr tried to bribe Donald Trump into not incriminating him in whistleblower scandal

This weekend Attorney General Bill Barr leaked to the AP that he was “surprised and angry” that Donald Trump released the phone call summary and whistleblower complaint, because they incriminated Barr in the Ukraine scandal. But if you step back and look at the timeline, it provides some context on why Barr might be surprised that Trump isn’t protecting him.

The whistleblower complaint that ultimately made its way to the public is dated August 12th. But this weekend the New York Times revealed that prior to this, the whistleblower had initially gone to the top CIA watchdog, who turned around and immediately notified the White House. So the Trump regime knew about the whistleblower almost as soon as the July 25th phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine happened. That’s when the White House would have learned that Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and Bill Barr were all being fingered.

We all recall the odd story about Bill Barr having booked a $30,000 party at a Trump resort, in a rather ham fisted way at shoveling some money into Donald Trump’s pocket. That story was first reported on August 27th, and it refers to Barr having booked the party the prior month. This all adds up to something that former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance pieced together on Twitter today.


Right after the White House learned that a whistleblower was out there trying to finger Bill Barr in the Ukraine scandal among others, Barr turned around and shoved thirty grand into Donald Trump’s wallet. It sure looks like Barr was specifically trying to bribe Trump not to throw him under the bus once the scandal inevitably came to light. Come to think of it, Mike Pence is caught up in the Ukraine scandal too, and he made a point of staying at a Trump resort within the same timeframe. Hoo boy.

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