Bill Barr and the Trump DOJ were even more criminally out of control than we thought

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The Trump Department of Justice received secret access to several reporters’ phone and email accounts. The content was not available to them but the recipients’ email and phone record of contact was given to them.

The reasons that this is a big deal is that:

1) records were obtained secretly.

2) the person and their organization were not notified within 90 days after the records were obtained.

3) Bill Barr had to have authorized secretly getting these records but didn’t follow required procedures.

4) this is more of the Trump Administration’s vendetta against the free press.

If you have any question about where this is going, I can tell you that the Trump Administration did not respect the constitution nor the law of the United States. Their actions were done in secret.

The Biden Department of Justice revealed this information today, well after the Trump Administration was out of office. Biden is cleaning up the Trump mess.

I sincerely hope that future history books record all of this so that we never repeat such a thing again. The Trump Administration was speaking for some, but they were a minority of our population. The President has to be a President for all of the people. Democrats and Independents should take this into consideration when they go to the ballot box.

While he has many people convinced that he won an election that he lost, I am not one of those people. He didn’t lose fair and square because he loaded up on propaganda and deliberate misinformation. Take this into account while you vote for your congress.

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