Bill Barr allegedly visited Jeffrey Epstein’s jail before his death

Even as Attorney General Bill Barr and his Department of Justice continue to label Jeffrey Epstein’s death an “apparent suicide,” the public continues asking questions with regard to just how convenient Epstein’s demise is for Barr’s boss Donald Trump. Of course the “too convenient” nature of something isn’t evidence of foul play in and of itself. But now a disturbing accusation is being made against Barr – though you’ll have to judge the legitimacy of the accuser for yourself.

Former John Gotti associate Lewis Kasman, who used to make frequent visits to the jail where Jeffrey Epstein died, says he “heard” that Bill Barr personally visited Epstein’s jail two weeks ago, according to the New York Post. He doesn’t say where he got this information from, which raises questions about its legitimacy. Though in fairness to Kasman, if he’s heard this from a prison guard he’s gotten to know over the years for instance, he might be hesitant to “out” the guard by naming him.

So this leaves us with more questions than answers. Even if Bill Barr did secretly visit Epstein’s jail two weeks ago, that still wouldn’t prove that he somehow managed to have Epstein killed. But it does serve as a reminder that in general, whenever a public figure tries to pull off something like this, he ends up in one of two scenarios. Either he has to risk relying on unreliable bunglers (for instance the Watergate burglars), or he has to go oversee the dirty work himself – and risk getting seen in the process.

We’ll see whether this accusation against Bill Barr ends up being substantiated. But whatever really happened with Jeffrey Epstein’s death, it’s clear that this story isn’t going away. The public interest and scrutiny is simply too great. If there was foul play involved, then there’s an evidence and/or witness trail, and it’ll be unearthed.

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