Donald Trump just made his clearest threat of violence against the American people yet

What on earth is Donald Trump even talking about? That’s a daily challenge for anyone who has the misfortune to encounter his increasingly incoherent words. But now, in addition to being incomprehensible, Trump is also throwing violent threats into the mix, or at least we think they’re violent threats.

Here’s what Donald Trump said to white supremacist propaganda site Breitbart: “I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump. I have the tough people, but they don’t play it tough, until they go to a certain point, and then it would be very bad, very bad.” Okay, wait a minute here, because this just doesn’t sound good.

If you wanted to give Trump the benefit of the doubt, you could argue that he’s merely threatening to have the police enforce the law against anyone who breaks it. But then you get to the part about the military, which isn’t allowed to do domestic law enforcement, so what is he even talking about? Once he throws in the part about the bikers being on our side, it seems he’s talking about having bikers beat us all up if we don’t vote for him, or something. And if he’s saying that about bikers, is he also saying he’s going to sic the police and military on us if we don’t vote for him?

Donald Trump just made the argument for why he absolutely must be ousted for his crimes, and his violent mental instability, before the end of his current term. He can’t be in a position to even try to order the police and the military to carry out whatever violent fantasies he’s imagining for the transition period if he loses the 2020 election. There aren’t the votes to impeach Trump today, but he must be impeached and removed before the end of the current term.