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Have you heard about the new political party? They’re everywhere. And actually they are not THAT new. This party has been around for several years now. They’re ominous in their dark platform. And as I write these words, they’re fighting to grasp control of power which is all they care about.

Their deepest desires are control and absolute authority. This political party wants to control you — and me — and everyone — with rage and fear. This party is called Big Brother. They’re the party George Orwell warned us about. They’re the party that has been written about through the centuries.

And now their darkness has metastasized. They have arrived. It’s not fiction anymore. One of Big Brother’s members is the Governor of Florida — a man named Ron DeSantis.

And right now, he is ordering — (as maniacal big brothers tend to do) — monoclonal antibodies. He is furious he can’t get them. DeSantis wants to use them to treat those with Covid — even though they have been ruled ineffective by the FDA. This doesn’t appear to matter to DeSantis, who appears infuriated.

Yet still, Big Brother persists. This is because they hate what they can’t control. Now the FDA is the latest to be the target of the venom of the Big Brother party. And that isn’t all. In Florida, the Big Brother-led state House is enthusiastically touting a bill that would ban any and all talk of gender identity.

Can one imagine in 2022 — not being able to say LGTBQ? Yet we have options against DeSantis, the Florida statehouse, and Big Brother politics in general. We need to just. Vote. Them. OUT.

And we need to BRAND them — with the truth — as to what they are and what they represent. Big Brother’s platform is terror. And fear. They are the cancel culture party. They would ban any books they don’t like. Their values are not the values of anyone normal — especially since those values don’t exist.

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