The best and worst of American politics in the same day

For a brief hour or so, America was reminded what it felt like to be inspired. The darkness shrouding this country started to thin, and some sun poked through. When Oprah Winfrey finished speaking at a rally in Georgia for gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, she spoke of the power of the vote, and what it should mean to every single person in this Country.

The most memorable takeaway was the reminder that in the voting booth, we are all equal. One person, one vote is the foundation of this nation. Then as if by magic, very dark magic, we were all reminded later that evening, that some dark evil still controls the White House. Hovering in the background is one of the most racist ads ever produced. This is the legacy Donald Trump wants. He may have hit the limitations of crazy last night in his rally in some state, somewhere… the state no longer matters, because he only talks about himself.

Trump brought out all the old hits including the knee slapper of how he was wronged in press coverage after the massacre at the Pittsburgh synagogue, to that old wedding favorite echoing of the “blood and soil” messages of racism as he spoke of the imaginary dangers in the migrant caravan and the inherent stupidity of the Fourteenth Amendment. Trump does not care about anything but himself. The media has stopped televising these rallies. It has become clear that Trump has already received far too much TV time.

In a desperate attempt for TV time, the White House sent out the red herring of a new policy, only to repeat the same racist plans we have all heard this week. Nothing new here, folks. He no longer makes news; he acts out like a misbehaving child, finding new ways to try to shock and draw attention. As he plans to send war-like levels of troops to the southern border, with authorization to shoot if rocks are thrown, it is clear that he is attempting to hang on with every possible thread. He loves the power; he needs the power to control the narrative as Robert Mueller is slowly emerging from what appears to be a not so dormant election time silence.