Donald Trump goes berserk about the FBI at the worst possible time

Even as the FBI reportedly closes in on a person of interest in the Nashville RV bombing today, Donald Trump is busy tweeting unhinged conspiracy theories about how the FBI is supposedly part of some vast conspiracy to steal the 2020 election from him.

When this kind of crap comes from the sitting President of the United States, it serves to undermine the FBI’s ability to do its job when it comes to something like the Nashville bombing, which appears to have been a domestic terrorist attack and may have been aimed at our communications infrastructure.

Imagine for instance if the FBI tracks down a witness to the bombing who refuses to cooperate with the FBI, because the witness is a Trump supporter who was just told by Trump that the FBI is a criminal entity. This kind of false rhetoric can have serious real world implications.

It’s yet another reason why we can’t have a mentally unstable criminal like Trump as President, and why it’s such a blessing that he’ll be gone from office in 25 days.

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