Donald Trump goes berserk about the demise of his presidency

As of 4pm eastern time today, Donald Trump hadn’t tweeted anything at all – leaving some to wonder if perhaps his handlers had slipped a sedative in his coffee to keep him from exploding about the Paul Manafort plea deal against him. Trump came alive by late afternoon, bragging about what a great job he was doing with Hurricane Florence, even while failing to acknowledge the Americans who were dying in the storm. Then around 6pm, he remembered that Robert Mueller and Manafort had just destroyed his life, and he went off the deep end about it.

Donald Trump started by posting this juvenile and delusional nonsense: “While my (our) poll numbers are good, with the Economy being the best ever, if it weren’t for the Rigged Russian Witch Hunt, they would be 25 points higher! Highly conflicted Bob Mueller & the 17 Angry Democrats are using this Phony issue to hurt us in the Midterms. No Collusion!”

To be clear, Trump’s approval ratings are historically low for this stage of a presidency. And to be clear, there are no “17 Angry Democrats” to speak of; Mueller is a registered Republican. But then Trump decided to blame his own Republican Party for the fact that his presidency is a disaster: “When will Republican leadership learn that they are being played like a fiddle by the Democrats on Border Security and Building the Wall? Without Borders, we don’t have a country. With Open Borders, which the Democrats want, we have nothing but crime! Finish the Wall!”


Four minutes after this, a tweet suddenly showed up on Donald Trump’s account which acknowledged the Americans who have died in Hurricane Florence. The style and tone didn’t match Trump at all, strongly suggesting that one of his handlers posted this, in an attempt at covering for him. In any case, it’s clear that Trump is more frustrated than ever about his unpopularity and lack of accomplishments – and he’s trying to blame Mueller for the now-inevitable demise of his illegitimate presidency.

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