So much for Bernie Sanders’ underhanded plan to steal the Democratic nomination

Why hasn’t Bernie Sanders dropped out of the 2020 Democratic primary race yet? He’s already lost. It’s not even going to be close. It’s over and he knows it. Moreover, there’s a pandemic going on which would make it difficult and dangerous to even continue holding these pointless primary contests. That actually seems to have been Sanders’ plan.

Sanders recently announced that he intends to remain in the primary race through the New York primary on April 28th. Why would that even be a target for him? He lost the state in a massive blowout in 2016, and the polls say he’ll lose New York in an even bigger blowout in 2020. But with New York City and other parts of the state on lockdown, the primary was going to be facing severely depressed turnout, the point that the results would have been unpredictable and illegitimate.

And that was Bernie’s plan, right? Force New York to hold an illegitimate primary in the midst of a pandemic, push his most obsessed supporters in the state to risk their lives by going out to vote, hope that the skewed results happen to land in his favor, and then use it as an excuse to remain in the race until the convention so he can try to steal the nomination.


But today New York State announced that it’s delaying its primary to June 23rd. That’ll allow enough time for the coronavirus crisis in New York to have peaked, or enough time for everyone to be shifted to vote-by-mail if necessary. In other words, Joe Biden will win the state like he’s supposed to. More to the point, Bernie won’t be able to pull off a fake win in April and use it as an excuse to stay in the race. It’s time for Sanders to put his ego aside, drop out, and start working with Joe Biden to develop a strong Democratic Party platform. Either that or Bernie can just go home. After the stunts he’s been pulling, most liberals would prefer never to hear from him again.

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