Bernie Sanders campaign caught spreading vicious false claims about another Democratic candidate’s health

Bernie Sanders, who had a heart attack just three months ago, is refusing to release detailed medical records that would allow the public to know whether his health is recovering sufficiently for him to serve as president. This alone is disturbing, as it suggests that Bernie is in even worse health than the worst that anyone would assume. But now Bernie’s campaign is taking things in a shockingly awful direction.

Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign national press secretary Briahna Joy Gray appeared on CNN this morning and told host John Berman that Mike Bloomberg “has suffered heart attacks in the past” (watch it here). This is a flat out lie. Bloomberg has undergone a heart procedure in the past, but he’s certainly never had a heart attack. After numerous reporters and pundits (including Berman) called her out on Twitter over this, Gray tweeted that she “mispoke” – and yes, she spelled it wrong – but she did not offer an apology.

Regardless of what you think about Mike Bloomberg, this isn’t really about him. This is about Bernie Sanders, and his suitability to be the Democratic nominee. Sanders recently had a heart attack, he’s trying to cover up his current health status, and his campaign is trying to distract from it by falsely claiming that his opponent had a heart attack. This is exactly the crap that Donald Trump does, and that we all condemn Trump for. Why would we allow anyone on the Democratic side to pul the same crap?

Bernie Sanders is now rapidly abandoning the progressive values that he originally founded his campaign on, in favor of running an egotistical, lying, vicious shit show. It’s painful to watch – and it’s got to be even more painful for those who used to truly believe in this guy. But it’s time Bernie’s own supporters to call him to the carpet. Bernie must immediately rid himself of all of his horrible campaign advisers, release his medical records, and make amends for his campaign’s behavior. Short of that, Sanders is simply not fit to be the Democratic nominee.

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