Benjamin Netanyahu makes his post-Trump move against Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t trying to magically save Donald Trump. He’s not that naive. He knows Trump is done. Netanyahu is messing with Iran because he’s on very thin ice himself in Israel, where he’s been criminally indicted and keeps coming closer to ouster, and he’s hoping to manufacture an excuse for his own continued existence in a post-Trump world.

Iran has spent the past four years making very clear that it wants peace, because peace is more profitable. Netanyahu, on the other hand, is a warmonger. He doesn’t have a future unless he can convince the Israelis that Iran is a mortal threat, so he’s going to do what he can to try to discourage Iran from coming back to the table once Trump is gone.

This is all a problem, but it doesn’t mean that Trump’s dead presidency has now somehow come back to life. And no, the U.S. isn’t magically going to war with Iran. It’s time to stop falling for that particular Trump head fake, after he’s been bluffing on it for four years.

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