Ben Carson just made things even worse for Donald Trump

– Ben Carson now claims that he almost died of COVID, and that Trump saved him by getting him an experimental antibody treatment. Even if this is true – and keep in mind that Carson is a pathological liar – he’s too stupid to understand how bad this makes them both look. Trump saved his pal Ben Carson, but he let 250,000 other Americans die?

– The Michigan certification is not being magically postponed by two weeks, just because someone in Trump’s orbit is now fantasizing out loud about it happening. That wouldn’t even be legally possible. Besides, Michigan’s Secretary of State says she’ll certify the results on Saturday, and the Governor will obviously sign off on it. No one gets a say in the process at this point; certainly not some Trump surrogate. Everyone should stop panic tweeting this kind of nonsense. You are absolutely not helping our cause by spreading doomsday fantasies as if they were true.

– CNN is reporting that Donald Trump skipped out on today’s virtual G20 summit on the pandemic, and went golfing instead. He’s completely checked out. He’s no longer even trying to keep up the appearance that he still wants the job, or that he’s fighting to keep the job.


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