The House Judiciary Committee just threw down the impeachment gauntlet at Donald Trump

Jerry Nadler, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which is the committee where impeachment begins, hit the Sunday morning talk show circuit today and made a series of major revelations. The upshot of it all: the impeachment process against Donald Trump has begun โ€“ just don’t call it “impeachment” yet.

Chairman Nadler revealed that tomorrow, his committee is sending document requests to sixty Trump-related people and entities for the purpose of obtaining evidence of Donald Trump’s crimes. Nadler only made a point of naming one of those people โ€“ Donald Trump Jr โ€“ in a clear sign that he’s planning to hit Donald Trump where it hurt most. These people can’t simply destroy the documents being requested, because the committee generally already has knowledge of the existence of these documents, and if anyone destroys what’s being requested, they’ll go to prison.

Nadler may have made even bigger news when he said that in his mind there’s no doubt Donald Trump has committed multiple crimes, including obstruction of justice. Again, this is coming from the head of the impeachment committee. It’s his job to decide whether Trump committed crimes, and he’s saying he’s already decided.

Jerry Nadler did say that there’s no point in calling the process “impeachment” until he and his colleagues have convinced the American people that Donald Trump committed these crimes. But make no mistake: this is an impeachment process against Trump, and it just got underway. Get your popcorn ready.