Desperate Donald Trump begs Republican Senators to save him from his downfall

Donald Trump and his allies have made some startlingly delusional claims over the past few days. Trump randomly asserted yesterday that Nancy Pelosi is “no longer Speaker of the House” (fact check: false). GOP Congressman Doug Collins tweeted today about how this is a “fake impeachment,” whatever that means. But Trump’s actions suggest that, at least on some level, he knows he’s in real trouble.

The Democratic House has more than enough votes to vote in favor of articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. But Republican Senators will then try not to convict or remove Trump, unless things get so ugly for him that they conclude they have to oust him in order to protect their own personal reelection prospects. Trump seems to know that he has to keep Republican Senators on his team, and he’s now begging them to side with him.

Out of nowhere on Thursday night, Donald Trump posted this tweet: “No one has done more behind the scenes for STRONG BORDER SECURITY than
@SenCapito. Her bill passed Committee today with $5B for the BORDER WALL. West Virginia is a great State and Shelley gets it done. Keep it up!” Then he tweeted “Congratulations to my friend @SenShelby, our powerful Appropriations Chairman, for his hard work on many strong bills that continue to rebuild our military, invest in border security, and many other priorities. Good work and keep fighting, you are winning!”

These tweets aren’t formal endorsements. They aren’t anything. They’re just Donald Trump kissing up to Republican Senators by heaping praise on them, in the hope of keeping them loyal. This is worth watching, because it suggests that Trump (or whoever might be running his Twitter account after hours these days) is concerned about the Senate impeachment vote count after all.

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