William Barr has become a “liability”

If there’s one constant when it comes to Donald Trump, it’s that he identifies people he can motivate into doing his criminal bidding for him, and once their actions make them too much of liability, he dumps them in favor of someone else. For Trump, loyalty is a one-way street. That brings us to the fact that new Attorney General William Barr’s antics on Trump’s behalf have already made him a liability to Trump – and we’re not the only ones who think so.

When the Trump regime leaked a memo yesterday revealing that Emmet Flood was taking over the Trump obstruction strategy, even as William Barr was failing to show up for his House testimony, it effectively meant that Barr was being benched. That’s not a surprise, considering how poorly Barr’s Senate testimony went, how many stupid things he said that are going to come back to bite Trump, and how a shift in strategy was necessary.

Congressman Ted Lieu, who sits on the House committee whose hearing Barr failed to show up for on Thursday, tweeted his belief that the leaked Flood letter was because Trump wanted to “change the subject, because Barr is becoming a liability.” We agree. We just wonder what happens to Barr now. After Jeff Sessions recused himself, Trump decided that he’d become a liability. Firing him would have been difficult, because Sessions had so many friends in the Republican Senate, which would have had to confirm any replacement. So Trump held on to Sessions for two years, but spent much of that time publicly torturing him on Twitter, and according to numerous major media reports, routinely tortured him to his face behind the scenes as well.

Now that William Barr has become a liability, we’re not sure Donald Trump can pull off firing him, both because Senate Republicans just finished sticking their neck out by confirming him, and because who else would want the job at this point anyway? But does this mean that Trump will begin taking out his frustrations by torturing Barr instead? How long before Trump starts publicly scapegoating Barr over the Mueller report? We’ll see. But things never end well for Trump’s henchmen, no matter how loyal they try to be to him.

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