Donald Trump threatens to take his ball and go home

When Donald Trump told a crowd of fans on Friday night that he might leave the country if he loses the election, he really stepped in it. The reality is that the majority of Americans want him to leave. And his remark, even if intended as sarcasm, only serves to underscore the fact that he knows he’s headed to prison if he loses – as well as the fact that he’s long been loyal to certain foreign countries anyway. Trump just handed headline writers a gift for the ages.

But as pathetic as this moment was for Trump, he’s been building up to it for awhile. During rallies in various states, he’s informed his supporters that if he loses that state, he’ll never go back to it. We can’t imagine a scenario in which would lose the election and then ever decide to visit, say, Iowa, again anyway. But the point is that Trump keeps making threats about what he’ll do if he doesn’t win, and his threats are just sad.

Every threat that Donald Trump comes up with is of the “I’ll take my ball and go home” variety. He seems too oblivious to understand that most Americans don’t want him or his ball around anymore anyway. Trump simply has no leverage, and he’s making threats that leave him with even less leverage. Don’t come back to our state? Fantastic. Leave the country? Even better. This guy just doesn’t understand how negotiations work at all. No wonder he’s got bankrupt so many times.

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