Baiting the trap

Intuition visits all of us at some point, frequently more than once. It also comes to us in different ways — sometimes it’s a little sliver, a tugging if you will, asking us to to please listen. Sometimes, it appears hazily as if in a dream. But one thing is pretty certain.

Intuition is well worth listening to. This is the purpose of this article. I have an intuition. You know, I’ve avoided writing about Judge Cannon. I doubt in all this time since she entered our political lives, I’ve written more than two or three articles about her.

But this time, it’s different. I have a feeling, friends, and readers. It is mere opinion. It is speculation and analysis guided, of course, by my intuition. I have a feeling Judge Cannon may just have overstepped – may just have worn out her welcome, so to speak.

As you know, it is difficult — very much so – to get a Judge kicked off a case. That’s why Jack Smith has not attempted it.

“Sparse and undifferentiated.” Only something has happened. Judge Cannon has shut down Jack Smith’s attempt to keep many things secret and under seal in the Florida document case. This could have huge repercussions.

Calling Smith’s presentation “Sparse and undifferentiated,” Cannon said in an order that Smith had “failed to make his case to keep the documents redacted.” Now, if you’ve followed the case, this won’t surprise you. Why? Because Cannon usually rules for Trump. But this is different because this might just be a matter of national security.

Jack Smith seems to think it is. That might be why on Wednesday night , Smith, in a late-night filing, revealed that a series of threats had been made. These threats were to a potential witness against Trump.

In the filing, Smith and his team ask Cannon for permission to file, “an exhibit under seal.”

Here is some of what was said in this filing.

“The exhibit describes in some detail threats that have been made over social media to a prospective government witness and the surrounding circumstances.”

“Disclosure of the details and circumstances of the threats risks disrupting the investigation.”

This is pretty serious, friends and readers. There is more. The federal authorities have become involved. They are investigating these threats. If Cannon continues to obstruct (and that’s what she’s doing), if she puts peoples’ LIVES in danger, there will be an appeal to the Eleventh Circuit.

I say that. Many say that. The best legal minds in the country say that. I think that Judge Cannon has walked into a trap set by Jack Smith. There is virtually no way he will let harm come to any potential witness because of Cannon’s stupidity. I feel very strongly (it’s that intuition again!) that an appeal to the eleventh circuit might be coming down the pike very soon.