Bad news for the GOP

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Sometimes good news can be found in the unlikeliest of places. And this morsel of good news came from the Fox Non-News website — of all places. You see, a poll was done in the swing state of Michigan.

Michigan is about as purple a state as one can get. And it is the type of state that can signal where the country is heading and what they’re feeling. And according to this poll, what Michiganders are feeling is — anger.

They’re feeling this anger at the GOP — because of the overturning of Roe. And in this poll, done by AARP/Fabrizio Ward & Impact Research, it was found that “what the most important issue is when considering who to vote for in the Gubernatorial midterm election, abortion ranked the highest.”

This is bad news for the GOP, but then again, it seems like they have been getting hit with nothing BUT bad news lately.

The issue of abortion is proving to be THE issue. It is the issue that likely fills Republicans with dread, the issue they can’t speak about because anything they would say would make them look worse than they already appear.

Democrats are also leading in the Michigan Gubernatorial race. And we must be successful in EVERY competitive Governor’s race we can. The Governor’s races have not been talked about as much as the House and the Senate races but believe me, they are extremely important. And the issue of abortion is proving to be the key issue in both the Senate AND the House races.

This news can’t make the GOP happy, and I’m sure Fox was not pleased with having to report it. But it’s no surprise, really. This is what happens when one overreaches. The attempts by Republicans to overreach, paint them, to the American people, as women-hating monsters.

The image of the Grand Old Party has been reduced to smoldering ashes, a pile of smoking misogyny, embers desperately glowing in their burning desire to control everyone. But it looks like, finally, the American people are pouring water on the pitiful flames.

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