It’s been a really bad day for Donald Trump’s pals

Things rarely end well for Donald Trump’s allies, loyalists, underlings and henchmen in general. He promises to take care of them if they give him cover for his crimes, or if they commit crimes on his behalf. Then when push comes to shove, he selfishly leaves them twisting because he only cares about protecting himself. Today has turned out to be one of those days where Trump’s allies are taking it on the chin even more than usual.

First we’ve got Kellyanne Conway. Her violations of the Hatch Act have led a federal government oversight entity to formally recommend that Donald Trump fire her. That won’t happen. But House Democrats have announced a June 26th public hearing into her Hatch Act violations, which will make her enough of a liability that for all we know, Trump might feel compelled to cut her loose.

Then we’ve got Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Donald Trump tweeted today that she’s resigning as of the end of the month. Why? No reason given. But we do know that she’s leaving Washington DC with her reputation forever destroyed, thanks to her endless lies aimed at protecting Trump from his crimes and scandals.

We’ve also got Duncan Hunter, one of the first House Republicans to endorse Donald Trump in the 2016 race. Hunter’s wife cut a plea deal against him today, which likely means that he’s going to prison, and all but certainly means that his political career is over. Finally there’s Michael Flynn, who appears to have been cajoled by Trump into hiring the kind of grandstanding lawyer whose antics will land Flynn a long prison sentence. Flynn must be counting on a pardon. There won’t be one coming.

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