Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy report has been released – but it leaves more question than answers

Last night Palmer Report wrote that, even with the leaked revelation that Jeffrey Epstein had broken bones in his neck that were more consistent with murder than suicide, the most likely explanation was still suicide. After all, if one of Epstein’s co-conspirators had him killed, it would have required an almost cartoonish level of villainy. Now the official autopsy report has been released.

To the surprise of no one who’s been paying attention, the coroner’s office has concluded that Jeffrey Epstein did indeed commit suicide. The autopsy report goes into some gruesome detail about how Epstein apparently broke the bones in his own neck while violently hanging himself, and you can either read it or not read it. But the whole thing still leaves more questions than answers.

For instance, if Jeffrey Epstein did indeed merely commit suicide, why have Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr been acting so suspiciously about it? Trump was preemptively accusing the Clintons of having murdered Epstein from day one, as if Trump were expecting it to be a ruled a murder. Barr has been trying to assign a narrative about prison personnel negligence since before the facts were known, as if he were trying to cover something up.

Is it simply that Trump and Barr are such deviant criminals, and that they’re surrounded by so many criminal associates, they were each just assuming that someone in their circle had been involved in foul play? That’s certainly possible. But we also still don’t have an explanation for why the overnight guards were stupidly sleeping on the job at the same time, instead of sleeping in shifts so they wouldn’t get caught. But really, it’s Trump and Barr whose antics have created a whole lot of suspicion around something that at the end of the day probably was just a matter of a doomed man wanting to end it all. And who did make the decision to leave an apparently suicidal inmate unattended?

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