Donald Trump’s stooge Aubrey Huff goes completely off the rails

Just how toxically deranged is former baseball player Aubrey Huff? When the San Francisco Giants held their World Series reunion, the team unanimously voted not to invite him. Huff routinely tweets things that are sexist, sadistic, transphobic, and bloodthirsty. So naturally, Huff is a huge Donald Trump fan who thinks Dr. Fauci is a deep state operative.

Now Aubrey Huff is criticizing LeBron James over his wardrobe, in blatantly bigoted fashion:



Suffice it to say that the responses to Huff’s offensive tweet have been anything but positive. Props to LeBron James for being secure enough to wear whatever he wants, without worrying about what small men like Huff think. Meanwhile Huff just tweeted “Conservatives are hotter, nicer, & smarter than liberals. It has been proven as scientific fact.” The mere existence of Huff would seem to disprove this theory.

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